Sistema di paginazione con MySQL e PHP

Qui sotto trovate un sistema di paginazione con MySQL e PHP. Tra i tanti nella rete questo lo reputo fatto bene, a voi la scelta!

< ?php
$pages=$_GET['page']; //Get the current page
//Connect to your MySQL
    $mysql_link = mysql_connect("localhost", "namef", "pass");
    mysql_select_db("test") or die("Could not select database");
// This the full code which will generate a paging system
$limit=10; // Limit of result per page
$qresult = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM sample_db");  // Let's get the query
    $nrResults=mysql_num_rows($qresult); // Count the results
    if (($nrResults%$limit)<>0) {
        $pmax=floor($nrResults/$limit)+1;  // Divide to total result by the number of query you want
// to display per page($limit) and create a Max page
    } else {
    $qresult = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM sample_d DESC LIMIT ".(($_GET["page"]-1)*$limit).", $limit");
//Need to generate query considering your limit
    while($line = mysql_fetch_array( $qresult ))
// Now once we got the query from MySQL, we need to think what we to do it. You can do anything. This is just an example
echo "
Name: ".$line['name']."
Age: ".$line['age']."
Phone Number: ".$line['phone']." 
// Here comes the Real part of this Tutorial!!
 }                 echo "
<div class='navpage'>"; // Make a simple css
// We need to create a Previous page, so we need $pages to be bigger than 1, otherwise at the first page we would get a 0.
//For the previous to show up we need at least to be at the second page.
    if($pages > 1) {
$prevp="<a href='".($pages-1)."' title='Previous Page'>Previous Page</a>"; } else {echo "";}
echo $prevp; 
// Here We want create a page from the results we got by dividing the total by the the limit. So let say you got
 //45 results and you want 5 results per page; these simple lines will create you 8 pages.
                                while ($pid< =$pmax) {
$paging= "<a href='$pid' title='Page $pid of $pmax'> $pid";
//So here, let say we are at the 3rd page and we want the 3 to be blank so the user can know where is he now.
//This will act as Current Page! We need to replace the url by a text
$newpaging=str_replace("<a href='$pages' title='Page $pages of $pmax'> $pages</a>", "<span>$pages</span>", $paging);
echo $newpaging;
                                $pid++;  // create pages until reach the result
//We want to create a next page and a last page, $pages have to be less than $pmax.
    if($pages < $pmax) {
$nextp="<a href='".($pages+1)."' title='Next Page'>Next Page"; } else {echo "";}
echo $nextp;
echo  "<a href='$pmax' title='Last Page'>Last Page</a>";
echo "</div>